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October 27, 2017

The Ento Nation Podcast is now live!

Ento Nation, audio home of Ento Nation Magazine, your online resource for Ento News & Events, featuring Entomophagy (eating bugs), Entomology, Ento Farming, Ento Photo, Ento Bloggers, Ento-tainment, and so much more. If it has anything to do with bugs, it is here at the Ento Nation.

We launch Season 1 with our Pilot episode, where we discuss what the Ento Nation is all about. We introduce you to The Cricket Man, cricket micro farming expert and Ento-industry insider for over 10 years, who utilizes his experience, expertise, and whimsical approach to help you thoroughly examine every shining facet of this Ento-Gem.

We also introduce you to our cooking segment, The Cricketlicious Café! And we’ll have a chat with our Resident Ento Chef, Chef PV (Buggin' Out). Who brings his own unique style of presentation to help listeners prepare Ento recipes right in their own kitchens.

We’ll also have an interview with Patrick Crowley, CEO and Founder of Chapulcricket energy bars. You remember him, the guy who was on Shark Tank? Well, Chapul just went over $1 million in cricket energy bar sales! Woohoo! You won’t want to miss this insightful and fun chat with Pat.

Other guests lined up for the podcast include: Jarrod Goldin (Entomo Farms - The Future of Food}, Dr. Aaron T. Dossey (GrioPro & All Things Bugs), Robert Nathan Allen (Little Herds), Wendy Lu McGill (Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch), Amy Franklin (Farms for Orphans, Inc}, Aly Moore (Bugible), James Rolin (Cowboy Cricket Farms), Malcolm Diack (Otago locusts), Kevin Bachhuber (Bachhuber Consulting), David George Gordon (The Bug Chef), Eran Gronich (Flying SpArk), Julianne Kopf (Bugeater Foods), Eli Cadesky (One Hop Kitchen), Lee Cadesky(C-fu FOODS), Emilio Ruiz-Romero (Sustainable Boost), Kubo Dzamba (Kubo's Crickets), Jack Armstrong (Armstrong Crickets), Marianne Shockley (NACIA), Chef Joseph Yoon (Brooklyn Bugs), Mohammed Ashour/Gabe Mott (Aspire Food Group), Paul Jacobs (Insecnology Breeding Systems -Paul Jacobs), and Ento Chef Steve Bailes just to name a few!

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